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Welcome to the website about strategy, where it really is nonstop strategy. A topic we all run into, sometimes without even knowing it. With Nonstop Strategy I want to make a contribution to your realization about implementing and implemented strategy. What is it, where do we see it, how it is used and many other aspects of strategy will appear here by time. I like to discuss strategies so feel free to browse and comment on my (upcoming) articles.

I will also offer my services here in the form of a webshop*. During the years I created and assisted with several websites in WordPress, worked on online strategies and businesses. If you are interested in me helping you out, please do not hesitate to contact me. We can start working on a successful strategy anytime.

*prices can vary, a website can be very individual and the prices I mention are a base to start from

nonstop strategy

So now something about Strategy

Strategy has been as ancient as life on planet earth. Strategy itself means to find the best way to achieve a set goal by using the available resources. Available resources can be either direct or indirect. You can use your own skills or skills of others. Strategy is in other words: to choose the most suitable approach to get what you want or to conquer an area just as you imagined. Usually strategy involves overcoming certain risks. And for this you need of course the best possible way to achieve your goal.

nonstop strategy

You can start by making a strategic plan in which you set the path towards your goal, weigh the pro’s and con’s and list the resources. Sometimes you already know in advance how you will walk your path. In such cases a good and concrete planning seems unnecessary. None the less is true, a good strategy is even here extremely useful. By making a strategy you ensure your focus is on the set goal. Besides this, a good strategy helps you to distinct you from the competition and to make yourself unique.

Now you think that this is all common knowledge. Hundreds of books and articles have been written about strategy. I had this thought of what makes people successful. Many of us would say that it is all about luck and your heritage is determining the path you are going to walk. We all know that this is not true, not anymore. History has proven clearly that determination counts and you and me really can make it to our set goals. Of course goals need to be realistic and concern only that what really excites you.

nonstop strategy

A strategy defines a plan describing the way towards the goal. Strategy is used in many ways, see for example on Wikipedia.

Everything on this website has been written by myself. The linked websites are always aware of their existence on Nonstop Strategy and if necessary they were asked for permission. The pictures/images/illustrations are made with my own camera, created by myself or sent to me by friends. Nothing has been copied from elsewhere.

I wish you great fun at Nonstop Strategy but just as important I wish you the best strategy for whatever goal you may have.